Aaron Rodgers Can Cement His Green Bay Packers Legacy with Win Over Seahawks

If Aaron Rodgers leads the Green Bay Packers to victory over the Seattle Seahawks Sunday in the NFC championship game–then goes on to win the Super Bowl two weeks later, he will cement his legacy as the best Green Bay Packers quarterback of all time.

Rodgers may not have the numbers that Brett Favre has yet, but he will. He already owns the highest passer rating in NFL history and his touchdown and yardage numbers will only continue to climb.

Yet, great quarterbacks aren’t defined by numbers. They are defined by winning and most importantly, winning championships.

Rodgers has already done his fair share of winning. In seven seasons as a starter in Green Bay, Rodgers has led the Packers to the playoffs six times, won four division championships and a Super Bowl in 2010.

The 2005 first-round selection will assuredly eclipse Favre’s greatness. Favre won three MVPs but Rodgers is likely to win his second this year and at some point within the next decade, Rodgers will likely win at least one more Super Bowl as well.

But even if he doesn’t, he has already matched Favre in that department. Now it’s about chasing Bart Starr and his five NFL championships, including two Super Bowls.

Just imagine how Rodgers legacy will read if he slays the Seahawks and beats one of the greatest defenses in history and wins a second Super Bowl by beating Tom Brady or Andrew Luck.

That would give Rodgers two pretty big feathers to put in his cap. And at 31 years old, he would still have plenty of prime years left to chase a third or even fourth title.

A loss Sunday, on the other hand, will not really have a negative affect. It will be chalked up to playing with a torn calf against an all-time great defense.

Joe Montana lost to the Bears and Giants back in the day and in some cases the losses were bad. But he won more than he lost so it didn’t matter. Winning back-to-back Super Bowls late in his career made sure of that.

Rodgers is already working his way up on the list of all-time great quarterbacks. And a win Sunday as well as a subsequent win on Super Sunday will move him right to the outskirts of joining the Mount Rushmore of NFL quarterbacks.

chris peterson

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If he wins it helps him, but if he loses it doesn’t? I don’t see the logic of that. Oh, you are going to use the”injury ” excuse, as well as going against a great defense. Can’t every team and QB use that excuse then? Of course they can. At this time of the year most players have an injury of some sort. Manning and Brady have had surgeries after seasons when you didn’t know they were injured. Rodger’s “injury” didn’t hurt him last week. He looked fine, other than hobbling around like a pogo stick. Other QB’s don’t go around publicizing their injuries, so they can be used as an excuse. It usually becomes public after the season.

chris peterson

Steve, I think you missed my point. I meant the Packers aren’t expected to win this game. So it’s not going to tarnish his legacy as much. It doesn’t help it. I just think because he has a title his place in history is secure. If he wins and does get another ring. If they lose. His place is still the same. His legacy won’t be tarnished for losing a game GB is supposed to lose. That’s all I’m saying. And come on he’s about 70% healthy. He will the team to victory with a gutsy performance but is not close to his normal self. That’s not an excuse not to win, this is the NFL. But it’s just another reason why it would add to his legend if they win but not hurt him much if they lose. Now if he never wins another Super Bowl, history could view this game differently. That’s just how I see it.

Rodney E. Croes

The Packers have improved steadily this year. QB Aaron Rodgers has become one of NFL’s best QB ever and his four or five receivers Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Quarless, Rodgers have been improving and making big plays. Packers’ running game with Lacy, Stark and co. have brought great great balance in the Packers offense. The defense has seen great improvement by the addition of Julius Peppers and the reliable game of Matthews and crew of linebackers and the great cornerbacks and safeties.
The DL and the OL have made it possible for the Packers to be where they are today. Rodgers’ injured calf hopefully has healed enough to enable him to make his usual plays to overcome the great defense of Seattle. GO PACK ! ( A Packer fan since the Vince Lombardi Days )

Doug Merrill

I don’t think Rogers will get much sympathy for his calf problem, I also think the Packers are going to get destroyed, I’ve been wrong before, so actually it’s not a big thing, I’m a 49er fan and have a lot to be angry about, yet as time goes by, my interest in the NFL is waning, the lies, the greed, the poor players that are dying, the only ones really profiting are do nothings like Roger Goodell, soon the NFL will be outlawed for simply getting to many players hurt, shortening their life spans my way to many years, but it’ll probably last a long time as Greed has a way of getting its way.


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