Aaron Rodgers is the Best Quarterback in the NFL, Period

There are some great quarterbacks in the NFL. Peyton Manning obviously comes to mind, so does Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick. They are all great. They have had tremendous success as individuals and helped their team contend for Super Bowl championships. But, at the end of the day, Aaron Rodgers is still the best quarterback in pro football, bar none.

I know that Manning just broke Brett Favre’s career touchdown pass record and is well on his way to possibly another most valuable player award. Yet, if I had the choice I would still take Rodgers. I may be a little biased but that doesn’t change what I see every Sunday. And at least a few times every week, Rodgers does things that blow my mind.

Currently, he is in the midst of quite possibly the best four-game stretch of his illustrious career. He has four consecutive games with at least three touchdowns and no interceptions, which ties an NFL record set by Brady in 2007. The Packers have also gone 4-0 in that stretch and in the one game they almost lost, Rodgers saved the day with a fake spike and a brilliantly clutch touchdown pass with three seconds left to beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 6.

So far this season, the venerable Rodgers has 18 touchdown passes compared to just one interception, which he threw in Week 1 against the vaunted Seattle defense. Since that time, he has been immaculate. He is completing 66.8 percent of his pass, averaging just under eight yards a completion and throwing a touchdown pass on 8.5 percent of his throws. He is throwing an interception on 0.5 percent of his throws, which leads the NFL.

The scary thing is that Rodgers and the Packers believe their offense can be even better. He believes he hasn’t played his best football yet this season and while it’s hard to argue, it’s difficult to imagine him playing even better than he already has.

I could go on all day about the numbers because they are truly staggering, whether it’s this season or his career. But, it’s not that numbers that make me believe he is the best, it’s the plays he makes week in and week out to win games that makes him great. There really is no debate that he is among the league’s elite. And there are arguments that can be made for others, yet I know this, If I had a choice on who would be the starting for the Green Bay Packers every week, I would still cho0se Rodgers above all others — any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s.


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In a season of impressive performances, Sunday against New England was the most impressive yet.

He is quite something.


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