Davante Adams is Overtaking Jarrett Boykin as Green Bay Packers’ Third Receiver

In Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks, rookie Davante Adams was nowhere to be found. But that was true about the majority of the Green Bay Packers’ offense. Yet in Week 2 against the New York Jets, Adams made his presence felt and is now poised to overtake Jarrett Boykin as the third receiver on the Packers depth chart.

Adams, a second-round pick in last year’s draft, only had five receptions for 50 yards against the Jets, so it wasn’t as if his numbers were eye-popping. But his size, speed and athleticism were certainly on display and he had the look of a playmaker, while Boykin looked just pedestrian in three passes thrown his way, two of which were incompletions.

Boykin, who put up very good numbers last season, appears to have taken a step back in his third season with the Packers after signing with the team as a rookie free agent from Virginia Tech two years ago. Speed has never been his forte. He relies on good route running, timing and good hands to make plays but for some reason he is not making any.

Adams on the other hand, made a couple of key plays in the game, including an critical 24-yard catch and run that helped setup a Randall Cobb touchdown reception right before the half that got Green Bay within five at 21-16 before halftime against the Jets.

Boykin is still a solid player and the Packers are lucky to have him as their fourth wide receiver but Adams is clearly better. He is more fluid and has tremendous skill at gaining yards after the catch. Green Bay drafted him in the second round for a reason and after he proved he can make big plays at key times against New York, the Packers would be wise to permanently move him ahead of Boykin on the depth chart.

Boykin is a nice player but he is nothing more than a role player. Adams, on the other hand, has the ability to be a difference maker for the Packers and because of that they owe it to themselves to make sure he gets as many opportunities as possible as the third receiver behind Jordy Nelson and Cobb going forward.



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I’ve been reading similar sentiments everywhere it seems. But isn’t it too early in the season to make such a determination? Whether he is #3 or #4, Adams will get lots of chances. I wouldn’t give up on Boykin who has made clutch catches when the team needed them. He stepped into adversity last season when Randall and then Jordy were lost and he performed.


too bad he cant play tackle or inside linebacker then he wouldn be number 4. hes not as good as #3 or #4 past but we have been spoiled for years sooner or later they all have to make plays


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