Packers vs Jets: Time for the Real Aaron Rodgers to Please Stand Up

There is a lot of blame to go around after the Green Bay Packers abysmal performance in Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks. Yet, one player who has not received much criticism is star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The former MVP looked ordinary against the Seattle defense and for a player that is considered by many, myself included, to be the best quarterback in football, that kind of performance is unacceptable.

If Rodgers truly is the best quarterback in football, he needs to start playing like it. Protection issues aside, great players find a way and the long-time Packers’ starter simply didn’t do that against Seattle. Yes, the Seahawks defense is great but the New York Jets defense is pretty damn good too. So, if Green Bay is going to avoid an 0-2 start, Rodgers needs to play like the elite quarterback that he is, no excuses.

Rodgers, who threw for just 189 yards and one touchdown to go along with an interception against Seattle, will have his work cut out for him again this week. Especially if starting right tackle Bryan Bulaga is still out because the Jets defense features a fearsome pass rush that includes Muhammad Wilkerson, Quinton Coples and 2013 defensive rookie of the year Sheldon Richardson.

If Bulaga can’t go, things will be more difficult for Rodgers no doubt. But it can’t be an excuse. This is the National Football League and there is no time to cry about spilt milk. You go with what you got and if the Packers don’t have their starting o-line intact against the Jets, so be it. Rodgers still needs to produce results, otherwise why is Green Bay paying the guy nearly $23 million a year?

It may sound harsh but in many cases Rodgers gets a pass, like in last season’s NFC playoffs when he put up a dud against the San Francisco 49ers and was out dueled by Colin Kaepernick once again. He may not have the 49ers defense or offensive line protecting him but to me it doesn’t matter. This is a results oriented business, either you produce them or you don’t, there is no in between.

To his credit, Rodgers said himself he played poorly against San Fran and Seattle but that doesn’t change the fact that he has failed to reach 200 yards passing in his last two starts against elite defenses.

The Jets may not be in that category yet but they are still very solid defensively and if the Packers are going to win, they need the real Aaron Rodgers to show up — the one that fires lasers all over the field and simply can’t be stopped regardless of the obstacles. That is the player the Packers paid for and that is the one they need to get if they are to win Sunday at Lambeau Field.

If that’s not what happens, then maybe Rodgers isn’t as good as we all believe him to be. It’s early and there is a ton of football left to play but Arod needs to be held accountable for his performance and if no one else will do it, then I will. So please, for the love of god, will the real Aaron Rodgers please stand up?

I am getting sick of watching this imposter.




chris peterson

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