Green Bay Packers Football Is a Family Affair

I freaking love football. I really do. I always have and always will. That’s why today is a special day for me and the millions of other NFL fans out there, the game that we love is back and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Packer fans especially are passionate about their team. Following them isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life. For as long as I can remember, I have lived and died with Packer football. Every win brings an incredible high and every loss a terrible depression. This is my team and outside of my family, it’s what I love most in the world.

This season will be particularly exciting for me because I moved back home this fall to be a sports writer for the local newspaper, meaning I can enjoy each and every Packer Sunday with my Dad, the man who introduced me to Packer football and one of the few out there that probably loves the team as much as I do.

I’ll never forget the days when we would watch Brett Favre, slinging it around or the time we made the trip from Montana all the way to Lambeau Field just to see number four. Sure, Favre left and became a Viking but regardless, there is not a single player I loved watching more.

Now we watch Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson just as we once did Favre, Reggie White, Charles Woodson, Gilbert Brown, Antonio Freeman and many others.

Even when I lived hundreds of miles away, Dad and I would talk on the phone after every game, lamenting about missed opportunities or basking the glow of Green Bay’s latest win. That’s what great about football, it’s not the wins or the losses necessarily, it’s who you get to share them with.

Football has always been our thing, the way we bonded, the hobby we shared. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. At a young age, his passion for the game rubbed off on me and I’ve been mesmerized ever since. After awhile, my passion grew into an obsession, which is part of the reason why I created this website. To share my opinions and thoughts on the Packers, as well as connect with Packer fans all over the world because to me a Packer fan is like family.

There is no getting around it, Packers football is a family affair.

Heck, when I met the love of my life, I had to tell her up front about my obsession. She embraced my craziness and is now a Packers fan herself. I don’t know if it’s because she really loves the Packers or just wants to see me happy but either way it’s appreciated. Now, we have a son of our own, who was conceived shortly before Green Bay won the Super Bowl in 2011. He brought them good fortune that season and the fact he was born the same year that my beloved Packers won it all, made it the best one of my life. He will always be my little Packers fan and I’ll never forget how my heart leapt the first time he said “Go Packers!”

Like father, like son, once again.

So tonight, when the Packers and Seahawks kick off the 2014 season, it will be a family affair as three generations of Packer fans (my dad, my uncle, my son, my fiance and myself) will  convene in my Dad’s living room for a family tradition as old as I can remember; the Peterson’s watching Green Bay Packer football together.





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