Packers Place Colt Lyerla on IR, Keep Him for Future


When it came to Colt Lyerla and his injury, the Green Bay Packers could have handled the situation in one of two ways; offer him an injury settlement and move on or place him on IR, which means he is still a Packer if he clears waivers as expected.

Ted Thompson and the Packers chose IR, meaning that Lyerla will stay in Green Bay and given a shot to make the roster when he returns healthy from injury in 2015.

When the Packers signed Lyerla, who was undrafted, expectations immediately went through the roof. The former Oregon standout is a tremendous athlete filled with potential but off field issues led to his dismissal from the team. Yet, there was talk of him competing for the starting job at tight end.

Lyerla has the talent of a day two pick and with the Packers need at tight end, it seemed like a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, the NFL is a tough business and Lyerla’s injury ended his bid to earn a roster spot before it began.

However, the one positive is that Lyerla will remain apart of the Packers organization. He can get healthy and spend the whole off season in Green Bay. For a player with maturity issues there are worse things.

Then next season, the Packers will get a talented prospect at tight end and the raw Lyerla will have a year of developing and maturing before taking another run at making Green Bay’s 53-man roster.

4 Responses to Packers Place Colt Lyerla on IR, Keep Him for Future

  1. jimmysee says:

    Why would any team claim him off waivers when he can’t play? I don’t understand this.

    • Well because he could probably play again this season if someone claimed him he could play for them. Teams used to put guys on IR for minor injuries to stash them for a year and make sure no one else gets him. That’s why they now go through waivers like that. Not all players do. Veterans do not. In fact at a certain point vets just become free agents and aren’t subject to waivers.

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