Jarrett Boykin is Fighting to be Green Bay Packers’ Third Wide Receiver

Jarrett Boykin got off to a bit of a slow start in training camp for the Green Bay Packers but as camp has progressed his game has picked up and he is starting to look more and more like the promising player that he was down the stretch last season when he caught 49 passes for 681 yards and three touchdowns.

The third-year man, who signed with the Packers as a college free agent out of Virginia Tech, still has plenty of work to do if he wants to be Green Bay’s no.3 receiver but after his performance against the Rams on Saturday in the Packers second preseason game and his solid day in camp on Monday — it’s looking more and more like Boykin has the upper hand over rookie second-round pick Davante Adams.

Boykin, who stands 6-2 and weights in at 216 pounds, does not possess the elite athletic skills that Adams does. Yet, he does have great hands, run tremendous routes and is a very physical receiver. He’s the tough guy of the Green Bay wide receivers as evidenced by the three catches he had against the Rams for 21 yards.

Boykin was targeted four times against the Rams and caught a couple of curl routes from Aaron Rodgers. He then turned those short passes into gains of seven and eight yards. That is what Boykin can do. He can turn a quick little curl route into a decent gain. He is just so hard for corner’s to get in front of  with his body size and then when he is able to box out the defensive back, he uses his physical presence and big hands to haul in the pass.

Boykin may not be a superstar in the making, he does not even have the long-term potential of someone like Adams, who has been compared to former Green Bay Packers great Greg Jennings, but he is a very solid receiver who is more than capable of filling the shoes of James Jones, who departed for Oakland as a free agent this offseason.

The thing Boykin has going for him is that he has experience, he has earned the trust of Rodgers and the coaching staff and has proven that he can make plays when it counts, not just in camp or the preseason.

So while Adams will eventually over take Boykin on the depth chart, it won’t be right away and also won’t be without a fight.



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