Packers Draft Pick Clinton-Dix on Relationship with Eddie Lacy: “We’re pretty close”

When the Packers drafted Alabama S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Thursday night, you gotta imagine that he and Sophomore RB Eddie Lacy were thinking the same thing.

The duo, who won two national championships during their two seasons (2011-2012) together with the Crimson Tide, are known to have had a solid relationship during their college days, something Clinton-Dix confirmed during a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Tyler Dunne:

“Me and him are pretty good, pretty close,” Clinton-Dix said. “Going up against him every day in practice kind of made me upset because he’d give me a little spin move every now and then… I’ll be glad to be back with him in Green Bay.”

While it’s currently unclear how much this familiarity will help the two’s chemistry in the foreseeable future, I can’t see it hurting anything. The two seem to be friends, so while it may not give the Packers any on-field advantages this fall it’s likely that Lacy being on the roster will at least make Clinton-Dix’s transition to the pros easier.

I mean, aren’t personal relationships worth something in the modern world? They’re not necessarily a huge factor in success or lack of success, but they have to matter a little bit, don’t they?

Jack Niemuth

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Two guys on a winning college football team four a couple of years. Now on the same NFL team, their relationship should grow even tho their on different sides of the ball.


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