Aaron Rodgers Recruits Kansas Basketball Player Tarik Black to Join Packers

Apparently even when Aaron Rodgers is away from football, he is still trying to find ways to help the Green Bay Packers get better as an article posted by Yahoo Sports’ Eric Adelson reports that Rodgers, while on a trip to a Kansas basketball game this past winter at the invitation of Kansas head coach Bill Self, saw some talent that could translate over to the NFL.

The player that drew Rodgers interest was forward Tarik Black, a 6-9, 260-bruiser that is a physical player, whom Rodgers believes has enough talent to try and play tight end in the NFL, a la Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez.

Rodgers, who went to Kansas to speak to the team after meeting Bill Self last year, was approached by Black, who expressed his hope that Rodgers would return to the field healthy and was surprised by Rodgers response.

(The following quotes are from the article by Adelson and are from Black):

“Green Bay is my favorite team. I told him, ‘Hey, I understand you’re hurt; we need you healthy. We need a championship.’ Then he says, ‘You should help me win it. Come play some tight end.’ So I say, ‘Give me a contract and make it happen.’ “

Then following that exchange, Rodgers approached Self and reportedly told him he wanted to throw Black some balls to see what he could do.

“One of the guys in our media department said, ‘Aaron Rodgers likes you. Likes you a lot,'” Black recalls. “No, he really likes you. He wants you to try out for Green Bay.”

Black, who has no organized football experience was not sure if Rodgers was serious, until the long-time Packers starting quarterback gave Black his number and told him “I’m definitely interested,” Rodgers wrote back. “If there’s something I can do, let me know.”

So while the 2014 NFL Draft is the main focus right now, Rodgers is doing his part to find a talented athlete, who is not likely to be drafted but could potentially come in for a mini-camp tryout to show what he can do.  There is one thing that is always true in scouting and coaching, you can’t coach talent or athleticism — Black has both, so why not see what he can do on a football field?

If you question whether Black has the athletic ability to at least compete on an NFL field at some point, check out the video below:

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