Green Bay Packers, Mike McCarthy Reportedly Working on a Contract Extension

There is very little news that can distract away from the 2014 NFL Draft, which is now just days away. However, one interesting tidbit has come along as Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Sunday that the Green Bay Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy are in talks regarding a long-term contract extension.

According to McGinn, Packers President Mark Murphy has been working throughout the offseason on reaching a new long-term contract extension with McCarthy, who’s contract expires following the 2015 season and is entering his ninth season as Packers head coach after being hired prior to the 2006 season.

In his nine seasons in Green Bay, the Pittsburgh native has had tremendous success posting a record of 82-45-1 in the regular season, winning 64.6 percent of his games.

McCarthy’s Packers have also qualified for the playoffs in six of his eight seasons at the helm, winning four NFC North championships during that time and of course the one Super Bowl Championship in 2010. Overall, he has a 6-5 record in the postseason.

In his article, McGinn raises some interesting questions about the long-term future of the franchise as general manager Ted Thompson’s contract runs through the end of the 2016 NFL Draft, meaning both Thompson and McCarthy essentially have just two years remaining on their contracts, which were both extended following the 2010 season.

McGinn ponders if it would be wise to redo McCarthy’s deal at this point without knowing what type of commitment Thompson would be willing to make going forward.  If Thompson is going to retire at the end of his contract, McGinn implies that extending McCarthy beyond 2015 would make the Packers general manager position less appealing to incoming candidates, who may not be able to hire the coach of their choosing.

McGinn makes some valid points and it’s true that general managers like to hire their own coaches. But a counter to that argument would be that most general managers don’t have the opportunity to come into a building that already houses a proven, Super Bowl winning coach.

McCarthy has shown he can win and develop players and in my opinion he deserves the right to coach in Green Bay as long as he sees fit, assuming he is able to maintain his current level of success in the future.

There is not much job security in the National Football League, particularly for a head coach but regardless of who the general manager is in 2016 and beyond, as long as McCarthy’s Packers are making the playoffs and contending for the Super Bowl each year, the job should be his to keep for as long as he wants it.



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