Packers Hire Steve Marshall as New Assistant Offensive Line Coach

Following the resignation of Joel Hilgenberg earlier this week, the  Green Bay Packers hired a new Assistant Offensive Line Coach in veteran Steve Marshall yesterday according to a report NBC’s Mike Wilkening.

Marshall, who served as the offensive line coach at New Mexico State University last season, is no stranger to the NFL, as he has previously coached in the NFL for six seasons with both the Texans and Browns.

Marshall began his NFL coaching career as an assistant offensive line coach for Houston from 2002-2003 before becoming the main offensive line coach from 2004 to 2005.  Then in 2007, he became the offensive line coach of the Browns and held the post through the 2008 season.

During that time in the pros, Marshall’s Texans usually struggled offensively, averaging just 223.3 yards/game in 2002 (last in the NFL), 269.1 in 2003 (31st), 320.5 in 2004 (19th), and 253.3 in 2005 (30th).

When he went to Cleveland that changed somewhat at least, as the Browns put up a solid 351.3 yards/game in 2007 (8th) before dropping back down to 249.1 (last) the following year, but still, he was never part of a team that produced great offensive numbers

However, in his defense, he spent the majority of his NFL career coaching on bad teams, the Texans were 18-46 and the Browns 14-18 during his tenures with them. Those numbers do sound pretty bad, especially when considering the offensive output of each team. Yet, since those numbers came with rosters lacking in overall talent,  it’s hard to place the blame on Marshall, who will now be joining one of the best coaching staffs in pro football.


Jack Niemuth

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