Packers 2014 Draft: Why Green Bay Needs Colorado WR Paul Richardson

I know that the first thing people usually think about when it comes to the Packers drafting players in the first round is defense, but in this case taking a nice WR like Colorado’s Paul Richardson might not be a bad idea.

In his three year career at Boulder, Richardson was overall pretty good, catching a total of 156 passes (83 alone last season, a school-record) for 2,412 yards, but still, since he is an offensive player is he worth that twenty-first overall pick?

In my opinion, yea, he is. Not so much because he’d be a superstar, but simply because I feel the Packers are short-handed when it comes to receivers right now. They still have stars Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson available, but, as we’ve already seen, Cobb and Nelson both have had some health issues in the past and are set to become free agents this offseason.

And besides those two, exactly who else is there? James Jones just went to Oakland, and Jarrett Boykin, while respectable, hasn’t shown the world enough to suggest he’s a long-term solution (again in my opinion). Now in the end he might turn out to be, but for now I just see drafting at least one solid receiver to be necessary. It’d just help take some of the pressure off the current guys.

Jack Niemuth

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