NFL: Is the League Right to Challenge World Series with Packers-Saints in Week 8?

In case you don’t already know, the Packers Week 8 Sunday night game in New Orleans has come into some controversy, as it happens to be scheduled on the same night as the fourth game on the 2014 World Series. Before 2010, the NFL refrained from this kind of stuff, respecting that people shouldn’t have to pick between Baseball’s biggest moment and a can’t-miss Football primetime contest. But now, obviously, ratings and money have taken over, reminding us again that sports aren’t actually about the games itself but rather the profits.

I mean really, what would be wrong with the league just scheduling a Sunday afternoon contest in these situations? It’d allow just as many people to watch, while also giving baseball, a sport undoubtedly losing ground in the Football/Baseball war, its special night.

Not to mention, the NFL gets everything, doesn’t it? It’s the most popular league, basically has a holiday on the day its champion’s decided, and even has a tax-exempt league office. So with that, can’t they just be nice and leave MLB alone during their postseason? It’d allow fans of both leagues to watch both, while also maintaining that the games being played do somewhat matter.

One thing is for sure with Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees set to square off in an epic battle between two playoff-caliber teams, the MLB and its World Series will have a tough time competing in the ratings as it attempts to stand up to the big, bad NFL.

Jack Niemuth

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