Packers To Try Innovative Approach to Managing Injuries

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that over the past few seasons, the Green Bay Packers have been injury prone. Time and time again the team has been hammered by injuries and despite adjustments in training schedules, etc — there has been no solution.

Yet, there is a new, innovative approach to managing injuries and according to this article by Kevin Seifert, GPS technology is being used by to monitor player exertion and conditioning levels through GPS machines that are placed into the player’s jersey.

Theoretically, it would give the coaches a chance to monitor player’s conditioning levels live during the game to determine which players need a rest and which are still fresh — something that could have a major impact on reducing injuries.

Players tend to get injured when they are most fatigued, so by keeping them fresher and knowing when they are most in danger of getting injured, coaches can take more preventive measures, especially with a tangible way to measure fatigue levels in each player.

This is a technology that is gaining traction throughout the sports world and according to the twitter page of Catapult Sports, one company that specializes in this type of GPS data collection has announced that the Green Bay Packers are their latest client:

There has been no official announcement of this from the Packers side of things and it’s unclear at this point how exactly the technology will be used going forward but after years of injuries issues it’s refreshing to see Green Bay thinking outside the box.

To help lend some insight on how the Packers may use the technology here is a quote from Catapult’s website from Tom Myslinksi, the Jacksonville Jaguars head of Strength and Conditioning:

“How I use it, because the technology is so new to the NFL, is for medical monitoring. So we really can look at the cost of each individual period, if an athlete is hurt, and use his return to play (RTP) work to actually re-create practices or periods for our athletes to see how ready they are to play.”

It’s hard to quantify how this may help reduce injuries in Green Bay during the 2014 season but after years of injuries problems, everyone in the organization, including head coach Mike McCarthy knows how important is to address the injury issue once and for all.

“You got to grade yourself on, did you hit the target of training your football team right through this new CBA schedule?” McCarthy told reporters last month at the NFL annual meetings. “And you look at injuries; you look at your outcome. I feel like I haven’t hit the target that I want to hit. So with that I’ll continue to change and adjust and emphasize the things I feel we need to do and that will be evident when they get back here in the offseason program.

“The offseason program is going to be different than it was the last two years and training camp will be also.”









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