Packers: Why Green Bay Should Bring Back John Kuhn

The Green Bay Packers have had a busy off-season thus far with the re-signing of several of their own players as well as making a big splash by signing free agent defensive end Julius Peppers away from the Bears.

Yet, the Packers still have plenty of work to do and with the draft forthcoming, their attention is certainly turned towards the NFL’s annual selection meeting — the team’s main avenue for roster building.

However, before their attention if turned fully towards the 2014 NFL Draft, the Packers should take care of business with fullback John Kuhn and get him back under contract for the 2014 season.

Kuhn, 31, has spent the last seven seasons with the Packers, playing in 107 games, starting 24 and earning himself a pro bowl berth following the 2011 season.

After signing a three-year extension with the team following the 2010 season, Kuhn has remained an important contributor on both offense and special teams.

Last season, Kuhn played approximately 20.3 snaps per game for the Packers and played a key role as a situational third-down back due to his strong pass-blocking skills.

Kuhn put these skills of display in the last game of the regular season when he made a key block on Peppers, then a member of the Bears, to allow quarterback Aaron Rodgers to find Randall Cobb for the winning touchdown in the team’s week 17 showdown against Chicago for the NFC North title.

Kuhn may not be a flashy player but he’s the kind of player that just helps a team win anyway he can. He possesses a tremendous knowledge of the offense, has earned Rodgers trust in pass protection and is a favorite of both fans and teammates alike.

Despite little news being reported about a possible deal between the Packers and Kuhn, Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reported Monday that the team is in talks with Kuhn and his agent as they try to work towards a new deal.

The fullback is also in discussions with other teams according to the report, but no specific teams were named.

Green Bay remains one of the few teams that uses a fullback in its offense and there has been no indication from head coach Mike McCarthy that the fullback position will not be part of the offense moving forward, so at this point, all signs point towards Kuhn returning to the Packers — if the money’s right.

The Packers are not likely to offer Kuhn anything more than the veteran minimum and a small signing bonus. After all, Kuhn turns 32 this September and already had a limited role in the first place, so if he asks for too much, the Packers might just walk away.

Nevertheless, Kuhn is a blue-collar guy, who does whatever it takes to win. That trait endears him to fans and makes him more valuable to Packers than any other team in the NFL. The Packers may not make an official move until after the Draft, but here is one Packers fan hoping we hear chants of KUUUUUHHHNNNN raining down at Lambeau Field once again in 2014.


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