Compensatory Picks Give Packers Added Flexibility in 2014 NFL Draft

As expected, the Green Bay Packers were awarded two compensatory draft picks for the 2014 NFL Draft, one of which was the second-highest compensatory selection handed out by the NFL.

The Packers, who lost Greg Jennings to the Vikings and Erik Walden to the Colts last offseason and signed no free agents in return, were compensated rather well for the losses as the NFL awarded the Packers third and fifth round selections.

Looking ahead now to the 2014 Draft, the Packers now posses nine selections and four within the first 98 picks of a draft that is considered to be one of the deepest in recent memory.

This will provide a great opportunity for the Packers to potentially fill positions of need at safety, center, wide receiver, and tight end and inside linebacker, among others.

The compensatory selections, which cannot be traded, also give the Packers added flexibility, particularly because they own two third-round picks.

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson doesn’t often trade up in the draft, especially in the first round. In fact, he did just one time — when he traded three draft picks to move up and select Clay Matthews with the 26th pick in the 2009 draft.

Again, these are moves Thompson normally doesn’t make; he usually sits and waits for good players to fall to him on draft day. However, every so often, a team finds a player it can’t live without — case in point Matthews and if the Packers come across a player they decide they can’t live without, the added picks provide the flexibility needed to get the player they want — something that is invaluable come draft day.



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