Packers: Why You Shouldn’t Expect Jared Allen to Land in Green Bay

As we all know, rumors run rampant at this time of year in the NFL. After all, the free agency frenzy is set to begin today, which means the rumor mill is spinning even faster than usual.

The latest rumor that Packer fans will be interested to hear is that former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has listed Green Bay as a potential free agent destination according to Bill Huber of

The Packers Guru can see why Allen would be interested in joining the Packers. They are a team that has the ability to contend for the Super Bowl next season and with Allen’s career winding down, he has made it known he only wants to play for a contender.

However, the chance of Allen actually landing in Green Bay appears slim to none.

For starters, Allen would be not be a great fit in the Packers 3-4 defensive scheme but that is far from the biggest obstacle. Yes, he may not be an exact fit but the guy is a great football player and pass-rusher and if the Packers can’t find a way to incorporate a player like Allen into their scheme, then there’s a problem with the scheme.

Yet, scheme is not the reason why Allen won’t be coming to Green Bay.

As you can see the Packers aren’t the only team on Allen’s wish list and it appears that when it’s all said and done, he will end up in Denver. The move makes sense because the Broncos play a 4-3 defense and are in desperate need of another pass-rusher opposite of Vaughn Miller.

So, while the thought of Allen coming to Green Bay is exciting, in my humble opinion, it’s nothing more than a pipe dream.



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