Packers: Jermichael Finley to be Cleared by Steelers Doctor, Future Uncertain

The signs surrounding Jermichael Finley’s recovery are all good and despite concerns that he would never play again, it seems almost a sure thing now that he will be cleared to play football again this week.

In fact, according to his agent,  Blake Baratz Finley has a 99.9% chance of being cleared for action. Baratz, who was speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, said Joseph Maroon, the doctor, who performed Finley’s surgery was going to give Finley clearance to play football again this week.

This is not news, but the interesting thing to me is the clearance is being given by Maroon, who is the Steelers team doctor. That is significant because if he were to clear Finley, you would think the Packers would give him medical clearance as well.

The Packers medical staff is conservative by nature  but they did allow safety Sean Richardson to return this past season after under going fusion surgery, so it seems Finley’s health will not prevent a return to the Packers, now it comes down to money.

The question is whether Finley and the Packers can come to an agreement.

Certainly, the Packers would want to protect themselves in case of injury, which can be structured into the contract. However, the key to getting a deal done is still going to be guaranteed money and just based on Finley’s injury history the Packers may not want to make a big investment there due to the risks.

Finley is definitely an impact player and was on his way to his best season as a Packer before the injury occured but at this point it’s hard to see Green Bay paying him the kind of money needed to get him signed.

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